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Diversity top priority Cuomo named no Latinos Friday

December 10, 2010

Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo. Photo Credit: Times Union

New York Post reported  Friday six named to the new Governor-Elect administration from attorney general office, Housing and Urban Development and advisors from the former Mario Cuomo staff that included four whites and two African-Americans.

No Latinos appointed in this phase but Rep. NydiaVelázquez , a Co-chair of the transition team assured the administration to be the most diverse after the Latino Report Controversy. “Gov.-elect Cuomo has repeatedly said he will have one of the most diverse administrations in history and that’s exactly what New Yorkers are going get,” she said in a statement.

And Assemblyman Peter Rivera (D-NY) 76th District  mentioned on the interview Liz Benjamin conducted with him on Wednesday he expected appointments as early as next week Wednesday. And he works for Cuomo and wants to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“Cuomo, criticized by some black for allegedly not having a racially diverse campaign staff, named two top African-American officials from the AG’s Office to senior posts: Mylan Denerstein as chief counsel, and Leslie Leach as appointments secretary.”

A Latino appointment would have  sent a signal to the community about his commitment to diversity at least in this phase, but the elected officials hopefully more confident in the Cuomo’s diversity rhetoric will make sure he follows through on his campaign commitment

“We strive for diversity everywhere,” Cuomo said in Manhattan last month (in May) as he announced his selection of Duffy. “There’s a certain amount of geographic diversity with Bob joining the ticket. … (Diversity) is an important goal for the state, and my administration will be an administration that reflects diversity.He added, “Can you always get all the diversity when you want it? No.” In the news conference, Cuomo declined to offer specifics about appointments but stressed that diversity is a “top priority.”

Geographic diversity is one thing certainly ethnic and racial diversity not the equivalent as Cuomo views the two in a State as  ethnically and racially diverse as New York.

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