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Rep. Velazquez speaks out for Governor-elect

December 10, 2010

Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo has shown he’s connected as two of the most powerful Puerto Rican elected officials in New York State quickly move to do some political damage control that two Times Union.Com reporters wrote as, “the incident points to schisms among the state’s large and diverse Hispanic population as its leaders work to forge relationships with the incoming Cuomo administration.

U.S. Rep. Nydia Velazquez, D-Ridgewood, a co-chair  of the transition team, quickly responded  to the controversy generated from the Latino Agenda Report on Monday  to defend  the in-coming Cuomo  administration as “… one of the most diverse administrations in history and that’s exactly what New Yorkers are going get,” she said in a statement.

Rep. Velazquez stood with the Governor-Elect to be at the podium the night he won the Democratic general election. Cuomo appeared with her and other Latino elected officials at Somos Legislative Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico flying down to speak at a breakfast meeting on the last day in November.

He sent Lt-Governor-Elect Robert Duffy to meet  with a group of Puerto Rican/Latino leaders in Buffalo, but his first appointments to the transition teams shows his close personal ties  to down state New York Latinos to play a more significant role in the Cuomo administration mentioned earlier on some social media outlets, generating some concern among the Upstate Latinos.


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