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Double standard? Whatever happened to the ‘Slushgate’ scandal any indictments?

December 15, 2010

“Why not Christine Quinn? Espada is an easy target. Quinn hired a high-priced defense lawyer paid by Bloomberg and the Feds were investigating Slushgate. But they never released their findings. Why isn’t the press pushing this?

Interesting comment in the NYTimes City Room blog on a story about the indictments of the Espadas. One involving an openly gay white Irish female Speaker of the Council in NYC backed by a wealthy Mayor, while the other a Puerto Rican indicted may be sent to the federal penitentiary and the other continues in power by agreeing to overturn the term limits that kept her and the Mayor in NYC in office.

The scandal involved former Councilman Stephen DiBrienza called Slushgate, “since leaving the council at the end of 2001, DiBrienza has continued to work out of his former district office, which now houses a not-for-profit group – founded by DiBrienza and funded with a total of $1.185 million in council grants, according to city, state and federal records,” the New York Post reported in March 2009.  Council Speak Christine Quinn continued to provide the funds to the “ghost” district office and corporation.

The sweet deal called “a golden parachute courtesy of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.””  How else to describe the nearly $1.2 million in member-item cash poured by the council into a nonprofit founded by former Councilman Stephen DiBrienza – beginning the moment he left office?”

PolitickerNY , “Raising Money off ‘Slushgate’  has an interesting story on how the City Council financed a nonprofit group to benefit DiBrienza after forced out the Council by term limits.


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