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Puerto Rican candidate in Chicago Mayoral Race

December 17, 2010

Miguel Del Valle, Chicago City Clerk



Miguel Del Valle, a former State Senator and now the Chicago City  Clerk is one of five candidates running for Mayor of Chicago in this year’s February  election. In 1987, Del Valle Elected the first Puerto Rican/Latino Senator in the Illinois General Assembly, serving 20 years. He has a B.A. in Spanish and graduate credentials in the field of school guidance. Mr. Del Valle is a strong proponent of community learning centers, advocating to expand them if elected Mayor. Mr. Del Valle has some critics that have questioned his role on the board of Advance Illinois started in 2008, viewing him as a proponent of charter schools.

Others in the race are: former Chicago School Board President Gery Chico, former US Senator Carol Moseley Braun, State Senator Rev. James Meeks and Rahm Emanuel former President Obama’s Chief of Staff staff ousted from the race because of residency issues. Rahm rented/lease out his house in Chicago when he moved to Washington, D.C though arguing he is still a resident to run for Mayor.

Rahm’s education agenda appears to continue to support privatizing the CPS and appointing former controversial D.C. Chancellor Michell Rhee as CEO of CPS. And he wonders why there are so many proponents  showing up to his residency  hearing. He tried to boot out the tenants occupying his house in Chicago but they refused to leave  having signed a lease with Rahm that doesn’t expire until June 2010.

He left a good paying job in the Obama administration as his chief of staff confident he would have a better shot than the others as a mayoral candidate in 2011 never thought of the problem and controversy of the residency issue. Now he’s back in Chicago unemployed and can’t even get back into his own house. And he wants to be the Mayor of Chicago?

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