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Transition team news…?

December 28, 2010

“Cuomo has scrapped the traditional policy groups that are commonplace for incoming administrations. Instead, transition team members are part recruiters, part candidate evaluators.”

Rumor  folks sifting through the  thousands of resumes worry no one has the chance to talk about policy in the Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo  administration a missed  opportunity in the midst of so many diverse groups gathered for the patronage occasion.

“He wants to know who are the most talented, committed, passionate people out there,” Duffy, the chairman of the transition team, said of Cuomo. “He wants diversity. He wants leadership. He wants talent.”

This may be true but the talent so far is coming from people either formally associated with his father the former governor Mario Cuomo or from his former job in the HUD office. And some suspect there are shadow transition teams  selecting the “talented, diverse” candidates the Cuomo administration is looking for behind the scenes.

Here in the Buffalo Latino community no names have surfaced either on the transition teams, advisors or any other group not even a symbolic appointment unless  of course the patronage ones are flowing through the office of Mayor Brown. If so some feel his alliance with one group over the other certainly to influence the candidates chosen.

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