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Jonathan Tasini: Governor Cuomo a hired gun for the rich

January 4, 2011

The Era Of The Hired-Gun Poodle-For-The Rich Governor.

Jonathan Tasini, Photo: Wikipedia

Jonathan Tasini, former candidate for the 15th Congressional District has something to say about Andrew Cuomo decision to freeze wages of  NYS government employees.

He said, “our hired-gun, poodle-for-the-rich governor has a plan: freeze pay for the people who got screwed but don’t ask for any sacrifice from the people who are filthy rich.”

He added, that Cuomo “cut pensions for the people who have worked for decades at 9-5 jobs, who packed their own lunches and ate out on the streets, in parks, or in souless cafeterias–but don’t ask the people who were served by the soon-to-be-executed people who got screwed to pay a bit more in taxes–such a relatively small amount that those people could still be assured that they would continue to dine in those hushed dining rooms with fine wine, play golf at the exclusive members-only country clubs and board their private planes to the tropics while the working stiffs stay home to count their pennies.”

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