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Espada says attorney general office used to raise funds & run for higher office

January 7, 2011


former Senate Majority Leader, Pedro Espada, Jr.

In his first interview with The Capital Tonight, former majority leader Pedro Espada, Jr., said he’ll continue to work at Soundview  health clinic he founded, though its currently under investigation, and wants to go back to teaching perhaps a charter school.


“The biggest problem that we have with the office of attorney general is that, most recently starting with Spitzer, that it has been too easy to use it as a prosecutorial weapon, to use it to raise funds and run for higher office. I think that’s what happened, both with Spitzer and Cuomo. And when history is written, it will be seen that Cuomo acted politically, that he acted to go after someone that he could paint as the poster boy of all that ailed Albany.”  Mr. Espada doesn’t  think the election of Eric Schneiderman is going to change how the office of attorney general has been used for these purposes in the past.

Asked if he had any soreness to his former colleagues, Espada responded, “my biggest disappointment was from Liz Krueger—so much was talked about her advocacy of housing policy, but she arrogantly stood in the way of having a seven-year extender that I sponsored in the waning days of the session. She singularly did that. I think they’ll all live to regret it.”

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