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Four White Senate Democrats Jumped ship!

January 7, 2011

Besides the inaugural news, the other story making headlines are the four white Senate Democrats who jumped ship forming a third Democratic Independent  Conference to “win back voters trust” as  Senator Jeff Klein leader of the pack said in a recent video interview in Albany.

When asked what was the breaking point that made him jump ship,  former Democratic deputy minority leader Sen. Klein responded how surprised he was when the Senate Democrats over-spent their budget allocation by $7 million. He claims he found out after the fact.

Yet,  Scott Reif from the Senate Republican Campaign Committee said in a City Hall News article,  that “If Bill Samuels really wants to clean up Albany, he should start by throwing out the bad apples in the Senate like Jeff Klein, who charged lobbyists $50,000 for meetings…

Also,  Sen. Klein brought up the issue of the $2 million dollars Espada got when he had jumped ship as well, but Jay Strell, an NRI spokesperson in the same City Hall News said, “It is a reported fact that Republican incumbent Senators Jim Alesi, Roy McDonald and Hugh Farley agreed to the GOP deal that gave Espada $2 million dollars in members item and the Senate presidency in return for him to switch parties.

So what is the real beef with Klein and his fellow Democrats?  What’s really behind the white Senate Democrats political move to form their own Democratic Independent Conference allegedly according to Klein that Governor Andrew Cuomo seemed to have sanctioned?

Interestingly, a NYDaily News reporter back in October 2009 speculated what would happen if Klein acted on his aspiration to campaign for the top legal dog seat of  NYS attorney general.

“If Jeff does jump in, it could create a big problem for Bronx Democrats.They’d have to come up with a really strong candidate to run in his Bronx-Westchester district, gerrymandered by a Republican-controlled Senate to cover large GOP-friendly territory. And redistricting won’t occur until after next year’s election.”

Hmmm, wonder if this is why  among the top issues Klein wants to address in the new Democratic Independent Conference he formed is an Independent Redistricting Configuration Leadership? Interestingly how these  white senators blame  their minority Democratic colleagues when it appears they each have their own political agenda for jumping ship to align themselves with the Republicans  who are in power again.

When asked what’s different from what he is doing than what former Senators Hiram Monserrate and Pedro Espada, Jr. attempted  to do?  Klein responded they had “changed the wishes of the electorate and, “we are not making any deals…”  They created the Democratic Independence Conference “to do the job of the people…” Hmmm,  what people is he referring to?

Although Klein alleges he stepped down from his former post as head fo the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee others believe Senate  Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson ousted him from the  influential post after a NYDaily News reported wrote, …”Albany insiders say he was ousted by Sampson after the Dems lost their majority at the polls in November.”

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