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Committee to Save New York: Cuomo kowtows to the wealthy

February 13, 2011

Just look at the portrait of the austerity committee LittleSis Blog unraveled about the folks and corporations behind Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s , The Committee to Save New York to understand why:

“common sense would dictate opposition to any economic platform that finds its most fervent support from this sort of individual, and would instead target their subsidies, tax breaks, and bailout-generated wealth in order to raise revenue to fund the budget. But Governor Cuomo has joined hands with the austerity committee, issuing a budget that pairs tax cuts for millionaires with budget cuts for college students, schoolchildren, veterans, the elderly, and the homeless. The press and the power elite have settled on a public enemy number one: the public employee. And everything seems to be falling into place for the austerity committee, which plans to spend millions in support of budget cuts.”

While Cuomo’s austerity budget hits hardest on the poor and middle-class, the portrait of the Committee to Save New York and its corporate alliances and partnerships is white, but there are some wealthy minorities as well.

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