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Puerto Rican writer Juan Gonzalez wins 2nd Polk Award

February 23, 2011

Juan Gonzalez, NY Daily News columnist

“Mine is the perspective of a Latino who has grown tired of having our story told, often one-sided, without the passion or the pain, by ‘experts’ who have not lived it,” writes Juan Gonzalez in Harvest of Empire: The History of Latinos in America (Viking, 2000).

Puerto Rican journalist, Juan Gonzalez has been a columnist at the NY Daily News since 1987.  This is the second time he wins the George Polk journalism award, the first in 1998.

The best in American Journalism Long Island University bestowed on Gonzalez for his investigative writing in disclosing the fraud  behind CityTime in 2009.  As the result of his efforts “prosecutors seized $27 million from bank accounts of dummy companies tied to the fraud” according to Gonzalez.

Juan Gonzalez is  the former President of the National Association of Hispanic Journalist, founding member of the Young Lords Party,   and  former President of the National Congress of Puerto Rican Rights.

He has won many awards and accolades, including the life time achievement Award from the Hispanic Academy of Media Arts and Sciences Award.

He is a co-host and commentator with Amy Goodman on the popular  TV/news program Democracy now.

Photo credits: Siegel News

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