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Commentary from the blogger

February 27, 2011

Maria Rosa, Puerto Rican blogger

” Mine is the perspective of a Latino who has grown tired of having our story told, often one-sided, without the passion or the pain, by ‘experts’ who have not lived it.” Juan Gonzalez, 2000

I would like to thank all the readers  of this blog created last year in February specifically to write about  political news in the Puerto Rican community, as well as, Latinos here and abroad.

I prefer to use the name Puerto Ricans because that’s what I am instead of the euphemism Hispanics or Latinos though I rather use the word Latinos when commenting about others with similar cultural and historical origins from Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean.

I have lived both the “pain” and the “passion” as journalist Juan Gonzalez alluded to in the above quote from his book though with more pain than passion. And my passion is to write about our story,  one of a people contributing more to the United States than  credited, including helping in the growth and development of other Latinos in the nation as they have helped us as well.

I  would like to invite you to read my newest on-line newspaper the Buffalo City Express News, covering the Buffalo and Niagara region followed by The Maria Rosa Daily from what I read or think is important news daily,  using the posting of my  followers on Twitter  to create what I think is one of the  most exciting sources of  information in Spanish and English on the world-wide web.

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