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UN High Chief Wants Answers on bin Laden Killing

May 9, 2011

Navi Pillay, Chief UN Human Rights

Now that the wicked witch is gone, depending on which side of the war on terrorism one supports, Osama bin Laden is dead.

U.S. Navy Seals killed him about 40 commandos charged into the house  where he lived with his wives, children, a courier and a few other men on Monday morning, May 2, in Abbottabad, a middle-class suburb near the Pakistani capital of Islamabad, a  military garrison town.

The only passenger missing  when the commandos put them on an aircraft  to bring them to justice was bin Laden. He was aboard too but dead stretched out on a cot in a body bag with bullet holes in his face. The  mission appeared more to capture him “dead” rather  than “alive” in order to answer for one of  the worst cold- blooded  massacre perpetrated on the American people in this century.

And  Navi Pillay, United Nations Human Rights high chief is asking for “full disclosure of the accurate facts” surrounding the killing of bin Laden that has to conform with international law on counter-terrorism, while others asking if the mission allowed an opportunity for him to be capture and to  surrender.

“U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder defended as lawful Tuesday the U.S. operation to go into Pakistan that resulted in the death of bin Laden and the taking of his body,” in what appeared as a violation of international law on counter-terrorism.

While others alleged it appeared to be an extra-judicial killing of the al-Qaeda leader when the U.S. Navy Seals commandos, using high volatile weapons gunned him down in front of his wives and children, while  president Barak Obama and a few of his advisors viewed  the operation on a video as it happened in the White House. In fact. one of his 11 or 12  year old daughters who saw her father assassinated served as a witness for his identity later.

If bin Laden… brought before a court, I have no doubt he would have been charged with the most serious crimes, including the mass murder of civilians that took place on 9/11, which were planned and systematic and in my view amounted to crime against humanity,” said Pillay, a former U.N. war crimes judge.”

The media continue to call the house a compound, mansion, comfortable and luxurious living, but  a few photos released showed a place sparsely furnished with little of the modern comforts  found in an upper-class home. It was certainly a cement fortress but far from the kind of  mansion the Arab élite live in with the wealth of the Bin Laden families.

With the killing of bin Laden, the true story of one of the most heinous and gruesome massacres in U.S. history will forever lie buried at sea, as well as, any complicity  of others involved, including what did the U.S. governments do to incite this kind of terrorism perpetuated against the lives of over 3000 innocent American  people by an al-Qaeda leader?

A room in house at Abbottabad bin Laden occupied after killing

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