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Obama needs to woo Latino college graduates in re-election bid

June 16, 2011

Two months ago the PEW Hispanic Center published stats that show the group mostly likely to vote in the Latino community in the up-coming presidential election is college graduates. Among Latinos who do go to the polls, college graduates had the highest turnout rate at 50.3 percent, while Latinos 18 to 29 had the lowest at 17.6 percent says Velez’s View.

While one million more Latinos voted in 2010 that’s 6.6 million up from 5.6 million in 2006,  in comparison with other groups, still Latinos lag behind in voter turn-out from whites 48.6 percent and blacks 44 percent  ballots cast in the 2010 elections. “That compares to less than a third—31.2 percent—of eligible Latino voters who said they voted.”

The likelihood President Barack Obama draws out the college graduates among the Latino population will decide his winning edge in the presidential elections. And the economic conditions of this group in the job market determines how they vote.

The unemployment rate for young black college graduates was 19 percent compared with 13.8 percent for young Hispanic graduates and 8.4 percent for young white graduates.  And, “there is a persistent high unemployment rate among graduates who have entered the job market since late 2008. There is now a backlog of unemployed or underemployed graduates from the past two years that leaves the current graduating class at a significant disadvantage.”

Some economist say the federal government should step in with relief  yet they view decisions made that are not based on economics but other things while this group continues to stagnate in the labor force.  And of course  the children of the wealthy have little to worry about beside inheritance President Obama secure their future by extending tax breaks for the rich.

Obama has to do more for Latinos than merely  jump on a jet plan to Puerto Rico where the people on the island don’t vote in the general presidential election. Thus, political grand-standing aside,  Obama has to jump-start the economy get folks working instead of creating better economic conditions to benefit the wealthy with tax breaks detrimental to the rest of the nation.

Along with drawing the nation into undeclared wars things don’t look as politically promising for him second time around even after gunning down a terrorist in cold-blood some say making it difficult for Americans prisoners of war abroad now.

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