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Hoyt resigns time to send a Boricua to Albany to fill the 144th assembly seat

June 30, 2011

Who knows? Either Mayor Byron W. Brown is savoring a political triumph with the resignation of Assemblyman Sam Hoyt yesterday or the time was just an opportune one for him to move on to a senior level position in the Empire State Development  Corporation (ESD) or he’s fed up with all  the  hype  under way with all 32 Senate Democrats signing on to former NYC Mayor Ed Koch efforts to form an independent redistricting commission to curtail the reelection campaigns of  politicians who never seem to know when to go away.

This chart from ESD shows a senior advisor vacancy  and a VP for business development, so it could be the one of the two Hoyt is filling. It’s not a bad place to be juxtaposed  on  top near  Chair J. Shimer and the President & CEO/Commissioner  K. Adams.

Hoyt joins another scion of a City of Buffalo family appointed to the ESD sometime ago Leecia Eve, daughter of former Deputy Speaker of the House Assemblyman Arthur O. Eve, who is a senior deputy commissioner and general counsel at ESD.

Chairman of the Erie County Democratic Party Len Lenihan wrote his resignation letter on June 8th and  21 days later Hoyt followed in his foot steps with both pols nearing and past retirement age, the appointments provide a reprieve from the political  tug of war endemic in the politics of the local area especially now since King Cuomo is playing the you know–let’s all get along game–even if it’s for a short time.

King Cuomo wisely is putting his political ducks in order to  realize a dream his father former Mario Cuomo didn’t seem to want or had escaped him– that is to be a  future presidential candidate. Wow!

Several other assembly members have moved on to positions in the Andrew Cuomo administration rumored the governor plans to fill the vacancies in the fall during the primary political season.

Meanwhile, the 144th Assembly seat is vacant so who is going to fill it?  What about a Puerto Rican  appointed to run for the seat   this time around it’s a great time for the leaders in the local Democratic Party to give a Boricua a chance to represent the district in Albany? In a diverse assembly district as the 144th, representing North Buffalo, West Side and Grand Island party leaders have an opportunity to consider a Latino.

Afterall,  Puerto Ricans stood by politically supporting Hoyt in his efforts to keep Maria Whyte  in the 6th Niagara District seat in the Erie County Legislator, though now it’s almost impossible for any Latino to win an election because of  downsizing the  Erie County Legislature along  with the redistricting fiasco currently playing itself out there, while Maria Whyte moves on to replace Congresswoman Kathy Hochul former Erie County Clerk.

So as Democrats play the  game of musical political chairs  in appointing themselves to these cushy patronage jobs hope they don’t forget poor little us always waiting in the wings  to be noticed if only this time.

I heard a political rumor the other day Puerto Rican leaders frustrated  with the political behavior of the status quo in  Erie County. Some even  mentioned the largest demographic population growth in the local  area since the last Census was in  the Latino community. This contributed to  Latinos becoming a voting bloc to be reckon with, so there has been talk  in the air for sometime about  the jíbaros forming an independent political party.

Keep you posted.


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