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Is it the time to run a Puerto Rican for the Erie County Legislature?

July 1, 2011

It looks as though th  Erie County  Legislature may have to consider weighted voting similar to what had happened after the  2000 Census.  Erie County Executive Chris Collins on Monday vetoed the Democratic redistricting map  to downsize  the Legislature passed earlier  with only three groups showing up to the public hearing to either oppose or support it.

If candidates for the Legislature have to run within existing district lines as Artvoice alleged this fall, there’s a chance for a Latino candidate to run for  the 6th Niagara District seat now that  former Assemblyman Sam Hoyt resigned to take a job with the Cuomo administration and  princess Maria Whyte  6th District Legislator Democratic Party leaders just nominated for Erie County Clerk.

The Buffalo News article on the matter on Wednesday had interesting comments about what Collins had to say about the issue of minorities:

He wrote that there are now two districts out of 15 likely to elect an African-American. In the new plan, he foresees only one majority-minority district likely to elect an African-American representative. Though Democratic advocates would disagree, Collins cited that as another reason for his veto and encouraged lawmakers to come up with a plan that “fairly and appropriately represents the interests of the minority community.”

As the Buffalo News said,  Collins vetoed the plan of “… 11 districts designed by Democratic tacticians and rammed through by eight Legislature Democrats united by state party heavyweights out to quiet party rifts in Erie County.”

And where is Chairwoman Barbara Miller-Williams in all of this according to Jeoff Kelly,  an  Artvoice editor she is left at “sea” as Democratic party leaders swooped into town to unit the warring factions for the up-coming primaries in the state and to prepare the royal political path for King Andrew Cuomo, aspiring for the White House in 2016.

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