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King Cuomo wielding the machete laid-off 321 PEF workers

July 7, 2011

The state laid-off 321 Public Employees Federation (PEF) workers while PEF  continues to negotiate a contract.  Talking  about undue pressure, they made most of  the cuts in departments that provide  vital  services to the people of  New York such as Office of Family and Children Services (32),  Department of Environmental Conservation (43), Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (43) among the few cited on the list from the state in Celeste Katz DailyPolitics blog.

And the Division of Human Rights that has hemorrhaged for years from a lack of staff state-wide five employees laid-off. So expect to wait longer for any human rights violations charges you plan to submit to the Division of Human Rights.

Yet Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to make patronage appointments to his administration unabated, including his most recent  former Assemblyman Sam Hoyt from Buffalo earlier this month to a senior  position in the Empire State Development Corporation. And  King Cuomo last month along with other appointments to his administration appointed  Katie Campos former director of Buffalo ReformEd to a newly created post of Secretary of Education, while scalping PEF staff from key jobs providing essential human services to the state.

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