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Maria Whyte waits and waits…..

August 21, 2011

Buffalo is one of those “our town” cities it seems, the political landscape determines what happens here, and it doesn’t matter much anymore the political allegiances one holds, especially  when so many Republicans had dug deep into their wallets to slip a few bucks into the pockets of  Governor  Andrew Cuomo. And this trend may continue as the Republicans piggy back on the Democrats in local and state-wide elections.

While some speculate this might be the reason Erie County Legislator Maria Whyte, a Democratic Party loyalist still wait and waits for Cuomo to appoint her to the post of Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul left three months ago after Charlie King, a state Democratic Committee executive director had come to town to broker a political deal that paved the way for her to be appointed to the highly coveted spot.

But at Large School Board member Christopher Jacobs, a Republican wants the spot too seen handing out his palm cards around town though he still has hardly a campaign chest to brag about, while Whyte’s  $18,295 campaign dollars so far as of July 15, is not enough to excite the governor to appoint her to the Erie County Clerk post.

Afterall, the local Jacobs family contributed significantly to the Cuomo campaign for governor another reason some speculate Cuomo is not rushing to appoint a Democrat to the post. So Maria will have to wait and wait while Chris Jacobs who Whyte is no financial match to his multi-millions gets a political advantage from Cuomo. So with no Democratic incumbent to challenge him that gives him an edge as the political underdog sources say Jacobs is likely to win the race over Whyte.

So the nearly $80, 000 Jacobs spent running for his last school board seat with only a $5,000 stipend was not in vain, but perhaps his ticket into a political post with significant name visibility to get him on what he has coveted most a future Erie County Executive title under his belt.

And  Jacobs as one of the staunchest advocates of departing Superintendent James A. Williams on the Buffalo School Board it too can now move on to do its business minus all the dissension.

So things seem to be moving along politically the right way in the City of Buffalo–our kind of town.

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