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A Polancarz affair at the Olivencia Center

August 31, 2011

Maria Rosa, blogger with Mark Poloncarz, Erie County Comptroller Photo Credit: First Amendment Club

Mark Poloncarz is running for Erie County Executive appeared for a fundraiser at the Olivencia Center on Swan Street where he hobnobbed with Puerto Ricans in the democratic party.

Chito Olivencia, former Supervisor of the Erie County Parks Department introduced Poloncarz. He  founded Nosotros, a Puerto Rican political group now Willie Olivencia his nephew oversees, while Chito retired a few years ago to Puerto Rico where he is a candidate for mayor.

Chito said he was “sick” at the conditions of Ellicott Creek Park while at an outing at Chestnut Ridge he saw only “one guy” so under County Executive Chris County hardly any workers available to help the public Chito said. He said Poloncarz reminded him of Dennis Gorski, former Erie County Executive who was “one hell of a guy” he added.

Poloncarz said he wants to send Collins back to the private sector while saying, “my bosses are you the people of Erie County.”  He said Chris Collins touts about the surplus funds, but it was money he didn’t spend nor is he addressing the issue of Medicaid fraud in the County, something Poloncarz wants to focus on, while Erie County has 30,000 fewer people, 14, 700 fewer jobs as people move out of the area. And he reminded the group “77 days to the November 8th election.

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