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Maria Whyte moves forward, good uncle Jeremy Jacobs, Karla Thomas no longer in Grassroots

September 8, 2011

Legislator Maria Whyte is moving on and looking forward to her bid as the Democratic candidate for Erie County Clerk still vacant since Kathy Hochul won the special election for 26th congressional district on May 24, 2011.

I spoke with  Whyte on one of  her campaign stops on Labor Day out in Grand Island. I asked her  what she thought about Gov. Andrew Cuomo failing to fill the still vacant  Erie County Clerk seat. She listened, stared at me for a second and told me how nice it was for people to be interested in what’s going on in  local politics.

She said she was moving forward with her campaign though disappointed   that Gov. Andrew Cuomo didn’t appoint her to the vacant Erie County Clerk seat yet.

But she was moving forward confident she had the support of the constituents  in  heavily Democratic Erie County even after  Len Lenihan decided he was not stepping down as the Chairman of the Erie County Democratic Party essentially putting the nail into her political campaign this season, as well as, others.

And perhaps it wasn’t a bad idea when Whyte  had first consider running for City of Buffalo Comptroller some say  it would have been a more politically manageable race and within her campaign budget that five weeks ago Bob McCarthy Buffalo News reporter wrote “…weighed in July 15 with only $18,295 on hand.” McCarthy said Whyte’s candidacy  has failed to excite state-wide honchos as well.

So what’s a poor girl to do? Well, Whyte said if she doesn’t win her plan B is to return  to school to study law. Yet we need not lose hope in her campaign as Whyte still moves forward shaking the electorate hands and handing out her palm cards too, something her self-financing  competitor School Board member at-large  Republican candidate Christopher started earlier.

It doesn’t hurt Jacobs either for  his uncle Jeremy Jacobs of Delaware North Companies to be among Gov. Cuomo’s top local campaign donors.   So that $80,000 or  more funds he spent to capture a merely $5,000 stipend Buffalo Board of Education at-large seat two years ago  might just pay off for him.

How nice it is to distract a Democratic Governor just enough to make him look the other way…leave a Democratic seat vacant to give a Republican candidate a nudge.

I was in the cafeteria in City Hall on  Wednesday  Al Thompson said hello. I looked at him and responded aren’t you the  chairman of Grassroots and he said, “yes.”  Then, I asked if Karla Thomas–the former Commissioner of Human Resources– still a member of the group. Thompson said, “no.”

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