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Sean Ryan sweeps the 144th assembly seat special election

September 14, 2011

There were hardly any  surprises among primary voters last night all the incumbents beat out their competitors though in the Fillmore District perennial candidate Samuel Herbert did surprisingly well over David Franczyk who prevailed.

Sean M. Ryan won the 144th Assembly special election  by  a large margin yesterday over his Republican and Green Party competitors with 4, 079  votes out of 6,279.

In the Buffalo Common Council all incumbents prevailed  David Franczyk, Fillmore with 61% votes 874 though his competitor Samuel Herbert nearly obtained 40% of the votes 561. Masten District, Demone Smith won by 71% of the 2213 cast; North District, Joseph Golombek 83% of the votes.

And University District Bonnie Russell 70%  win over former School Board member Pamela Cahill, cast a doubtful political future for Cahill who stepped down from the Buffalo Board of Education in May from what she called a dysfunctional School Board though many have speculated had she not relinquished her seat on the board, she would have provided Russell a serious challenge.  Yet   her husban City Court Judge Robert T. Russell, Jr  victory in the City Court race helped her to prevail in the primary

Superintendent James A. Williams who steps down today as head of Buffalo Schools  most fervent supporter on the School Board Christopher Jacobs has won the Independence line as he takes on Democrat Maria Whyte in the November general elections.

Although Chris Collins won  the Independence primary for county executive  over his opponent Democrat Mark C. Poloncarz, it’s hardly  a “resounding defeat”  for Nov. 8, general election as his campaign alleged.

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