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To dream or not to dream Obama deportations record worse than Bush

November 26, 2011

Enough! Basta!

They are  the “dreamers” immigrants that come to the United States young and over stay visas or tie the knot to citizenship. And the Barack Obama administration is detaining and deporting this group in record numbers even much more than George Bush in the eight years in the White House. Obama administration is removing millions four to six of these dreamers and many of them  housed in detention facilities right here in Buffalo and Batavia some waiting months or years to challenge their cases in a court system inadequately staff to process them.

Many of these dreamers are Latinos the leaders of the communities pressured Obama to shift his policy from indiscriminately hauling anyone picked up into jail or detention facilities set up around the country to house them. And they have been successful though many view it as a band-aid approach prosecuting and targeting while considering the circumstances of those detained and arrested.

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