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Pedro Espada Jr a pauper almost first Puerto Rican governor of NY

July 11, 2012


Espada claims that the prior trial in Brooklyn Federal Court has nearly wiped him out.
“These things cost a great deal of money, that is known to all,” he said outside the courtroom. “The fact is I’m unemployed.”
Pedro Espada, Jr once the highest ranking Puerto Rican in state government from senator to majority leader now left a pauper from legal expenses in defending himself and his son from embezzlement charges involving Sound View a clinic he founded in 1978.

Former Majority Leader of the NY State Senate, in June 2009, along with ex senator Hiram Monserrate, crossed over to vote with the Republicans given them back the power.

Espada claimed he acted to give Latinos political power in a political system that had kept them out for too long.

A black governor, a black leader of the Senate along with a white Majority Leader of the NY State Assembly, Espada saw there wasn’t a place for a Latino in the three men in the room .

A coup he reasoned the only way for Latinos to empower themselves especially after they had been promised a power sharing arrangement after the so-called “three amigos” worked one out with Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith.

Yet, attorney general at the time Andrew Cuomo wasn’t going to stand by watching Espada ascend to the governor’s seat,  he started a string of law suits eventually that led to a conviction for embezzlement of Sound View the clinics he founded in 1978.

Cuomo started his investigations in August 2009, almost right after Espada rose to become the highest ranking Puerto Rican in Albany next in line to become the Governor if anything happened to former Gov. David Paterson.

Paterson would not leave the State fearing Espada had to be left in charge in his absence.  So a battle of succession to the throne ensued Cuomo started his law suits in August 2009, culminating with Espada not only out of his Senate seat, but by December 2010, he was out of Albany, defending himself against the law suits Cuomo had commenced not wanting to see anyone obstruct his own path of succession to the throne he thought belonged to him because his father Mario Cuomo had been the Governor.

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