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Puerto Ricans wanted power sharing three years ago when Demos took control of senate…today two sentenced to prison terms

August 3, 2012

A staff member for one of the four senators said the group’s “key concern was the absence of Latino leadership among the state’s key leadership posts” and said the group would go so far as push to install a Latino majority leader — a move that would be a heavy political lift for four senators to achieve.
A black gov., a black majority leader, Ricans wanted access to powerful posts. The  promises made to them conveniently forgotten, the coup ensued. Yet, this piece of the story cast aside, the focus became how many orders of sushi, a pony for his granddaughter’s birthday party, flowers for his wife all leading up to embezzlement charges on May 14, 2012, of former majority leader of the Senate Pedro Espada.
And what had become a succession to the throne, the first Puerto Rican Senate president in line to be governor instead is a convicted felon. And Espada blames Gov. Andrew Cuomo who as former state attorney general started to investigate him charged him with embezzlement of $14 million from Sound View the company he founded in 1979, when it was  allegedly $400, 000, after his conviction.
Photo credit : NYT

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