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Pedro Espada first Puerto Rican governor of New York…finally is going to jail

October 26, 2012

“Espada’s guilty plea today ensures that no retrial will happen — and one of the gloomier chapters in recent state political history is nearing an end.”
Forgotten in all the  media blitz about ex Sen. Pedro Espada pleading guilty for tax evasion was that his political ascendancy symbolized an unprecedented period in Albany when Puerto Ricans had power.
He became President Pro-temp of the state senate that placed him not only in line to be the governor whenever Ex Gov. David Paterson left the state, but the governor if anything happened to him.
Yet, the idea of a Latino governor much less a Puerto Rican was something the powers to be both black and white Republicans and Democrates were not going to stand by let happened.
So in response to this leadership crises as they saw it, Paterson was afraid to leave town. And to fill his Lt. Gov. seat a white man had been recruited, while eating dinner at a popular Manhattan restaurant even had a hurried makeshift ceremony to give him the post. And the titles in the senate reconfigured to renew Sen. Malcolm Smith to ascend to be governor in case anything happened to Paterson. Also, attorney general then Andrew Cuomo son of ex governor Mario Cuomo, an Italian believed he was the rightful heir to the governor’s thrown, and his investigations of Espada started that ended in felony conviction for embezzlement and tax evasion.

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