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Carrion favorite to earn Independence Party endorsement for mayoral run

January 12, 2013

Carrion favorite to earn Independence Party endorsement for mayoral run


Al Jazerra buys Current TV

January 4, 2013

Although it got bad press when it recently put down over $300 million to buy the progressive Current TV from former VP Al Gore, the deal helped Al Jazeera expand its viewers to 40 million in the American market.
It’s an award-winning  broadcast news known for coverage of global events from Arabe Spring to Al Qaeda and  controversial messages from Osama Bin Laden a decade ago.
Al Jazeera has a respectable worldwide audience based in Qatar funded through its emir.
There was some bad media attention when Time Warner dropped Current TV after Al Jazeera sealed the deal, but it’s not final.
Al Gore founded CurrentTV in 2005.

Al Jazeera buys  CurrentTV  from Al Gore  captures  wider US TV audience

New state Senate governing coalition may give chairmanships to Dems outside power scheme

December 10, 2012

When Puerto Ricans attempted to empower themselves back in June 2009, it was challenged in court but it’s ok for white Democrats to cross over work with Republicans give them the majority use a token black Sen. Malcolm Smith to make it look legitimate non-racist.


But how do Republicans stay in power after they lost seats Democrats in the majority if it weren’t for Gov. Mario Cuomo rather help them control the Senate.

New state Senate governing coalition may give chairmanships to Dems outside power scheme

Espada and dissidents democrats wanted Latinos to participate in senate

December 8, 2012

None of the four dissidents have said that they will support Malcolm A. Smith, who is poised to become the majority leader. Instead, the self-named Gang of Four has refused to back a candidate for leader, saying they want their concerns addressed first. Chief among those concerns, the senators have said, is having more Latino senators placed in leadership roles.

Looking back at the 2008 Elections

December 8, 2012

In a NYTimes story back in December 5, 2008,  it was reported , “Mr. Espada is part of a new Senate leadership team that was cobbled together in a secretive political deal on Thursday that has troubled good-government groups and even fellow Democrats. Under the deal, Mr. Espada and two other Democrats — Carl Kruger of Brooklyn and Rubén Díaz Sr. of the Bronx — decided to back their party after flirting with the idea of throwing their support behind the Republicans.
Democrats won 32 of the 62 seats in the Senate last month, appearing to win control of the Senate for the first time in more than four decades, but a holdout by the so-called Gang of Three had kept the leadership in doubt. Under the deal struck on Thursday and partly brokered by Gov. David A. Paterson, the current Senate minority leader, Malcolm A. Smith, a Queens Democrat, will become president pro tem, effectively the leader of the chamber.”
How ironic Smith joined the Democrats aligning themselves with the Republicans under Jeff Klein’s leadership to wrestle control of the Senate from the Democrats to maintain a politically racially divided Senate.

Rosendale Councilman Robert Ryan takes heat for attending party in blackface, says he meant no offense –

November 10, 2012

Rosendale Councilman Robert Ryan takes heat for attending party in blackface, says he meant no offense –

Pedro Espada first Puerto Rican governor of New York…finally is going to jail

October 26, 2012

“Espada’s guilty plea today ensures that no retrial will happen — and one of the gloomier chapters in recent state political history is nearing an end.”
Forgotten in all the  media blitz about ex Sen. Pedro Espada pleading guilty for tax evasion was that his political ascendancy symbolized an unprecedented period in Albany when Puerto Ricans had power.
He became President Pro-temp of the state senate that placed him not only in line to be the governor whenever Ex Gov. David Paterson left the state, but the governor if anything happened to him.
Yet, the idea of a Latino governor much less a Puerto Rican was something the powers to be both black and white Republicans and Democrates were not going to stand by let happened.
So in response to this leadership crises as they saw it, Paterson was afraid to leave town. And to fill his Lt. Gov. seat a white man had been recruited, while eating dinner at a popular Manhattan restaurant even had a hurried makeshift ceremony to give him the post. And the titles in the senate reconfigured to renew Sen. Malcolm Smith to ascend to be governor in case anything happened to Paterson. Also, attorney general then Andrew Cuomo son of ex governor Mario Cuomo, an Italian believed he was the rightful heir to the governor’s thrown, and his investigations of Espada started that ended in felony conviction for embezzlement and tax evasion.